Makes Sony Xperia E able for HDSPA/3G Connection

When your Xperia E only can read EDGE for connection, this simple step can help you for change to HDSPA/3G.

Setting Sony Xperia E SIM for HDSPA/3G

  1. Go to settingsxperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-1
  2. Choose MObile Networksxperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-2
  3. Select SIM Cardxperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-3
  4. Now, decide which card that you want to use for internet connectionxperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-4
  5. Go to network Modexperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-5
  6. Select WCDMAxperia-e-hspda-3g-settings-6
  7. Done

Note: Only 1 card that can HDSPA/3G, other card will in GSM connection

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