Manage Data and storage device for New Android User

Today smartphone is realy like have an PC in pocket. Movie, office work, music, picture etc can be store in our smartphone. As an operating system, android also allow user to manage their own data.

Ussually android smartphone have two kind of storage, internal and external. Internal storage is something that you cannot change/unreplaceable, it`s content the system (android OS). External storage such as microSD, SDcard etc is something that you can replace easily.

This is the important note, Do not format or erase external storage using android phone. Format the external storage will erase MBR file, this file is an important for android to recognize the external storage as a physical drive. But when it happen (MBR gone), you can recreate the MBR file with Windows help

Speed transfer from external storage to device will become important point. Even your smartphone have a good speed performace but if the external storage can catch up the speed it`s become useless. With using a little hack you can makes the external storage work faster but it need android is in root condition.

Like Hardisk in PC, external storage can be partition. Makes a partition will help us to manage the files or folders. There`s method that you can use to partition the external storage. The common partition method are using Partition Wizard, AmonRa, Parted Partition or Gparted live.

In PC, when you have a private file, you can easily lock your computer with a password so no one can use it. But it`s different in smartphone. Can you imagine that everytime you want make / receive a call your phone keep asking yo enter the password. Realy i don`t want it realy happen. OK .. just hide your private files using a simple trick. And again, it need android to be root condition. Using RootExplorer or Astro Manager, you can modify a folder to hide .