Manage SMS and Contact tips for new android users

In old days, when someone was buy a new cellphone, we fully obey the vendor rules. How to make a call, send a messege, operate the phone, etc. When you decide to buy android phone, i sure that you already heard from someone else about how the android can be so powerfull.

I`ll go down from the basic need from the phone. Contact, Call, SMS/Email.

1. Move contact data from other phone to android

If your other phone is smartphone, you can easily to make a contact data backup and use Gmail to sncy with your android, you can follow steps in Moving Contact From Old cellphone To Android. But in another case, such as old Nokia cellphone (without internet connections) you can use their default application (PC Suite) to back up the data to PC/Laptop then copy to android.

2. Contact shortcut features that not all user know about it

The most different all touchscreen phone and phone that still have a keypad (number/qwerty) is when it`s come to access the contact features.
Fast shortcut to SMS: select the contact person and slide to left.
Fast shortcut to Call: select the contact person and slide to right.

3. Push email other than Gmail

As a default, Android will connect with gmail. But as a user, not all use the gmail as their main email. In that case, you don`t need to open the browser and login to your other mail. You can add another email in android, so can also receive a notification when receive an e-mail.
As an example, want push your yahoo mail to android, With simple step you can also add other than yahoo email.

4. Secure your SMS and call log

We knew that not all our friend will respect with our privacy. The thing that i hate most is if someone open my phone and read the sms or open the recent call.
In this case, an application such as Secure SMS & Call logs Lite will needed.


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