Meizu M9 driver installation


  • Download and install SDK manager
  • Download and extract M9-usb_driver x86_x64

Install Meizu M9 driver to PC/laptop

  1. Open SDK Manager
  2. Check USB Driver / Google USB driver (this step to create driver folder inside SDK manager)
  3. SDK manager will update the driver, wait until driver update finish.
  4. Go to M9-usb_driver x86_x64 extract folder
  5. Copy all files inside M9-usb_driver x86_x64 extract folder to C:\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver
  6. At Meizu M9, go to Settings > Development, Check USB Debugging
  7. Connect the device to PC/laptop
  8. Right click on My Computer choose device manager
  9. Search for “Android Composite ADB Composite
  10. Select and right click, select Update driver software > browse my computer for device software
  11. select driver in C:\android-sdk\extras\google\usb_driver
  12. Done

Download support file

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