Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Features

windows phone 8.1 features

Windows Phone 8.1 bring a lot of new features and make more improvements in their latest Windows Phone OS. Here is some features that enchant in Windows Phone 8.1

Cortana – Windows Phone`s Digital Assistant

windows phone 8.1 feature : cortana
To beat Google Now And Siri, Microsoft release Cortona. Cortona have a major role in Windows phone 8.1. Cortona is able to feed you with notification that based on your custom, personal information and usage data. Another interesting point form Cortana is it can be aware of your contact, appointments, messages and more. It can also remind user about something that they want to talk if a certain person is on call.

windows phone 8.1 homescreen tiles

More Tiles

In Windows Phone 8.1 , home tiles can up to five. It`s different with older OS that only have 3 tiles in Homescreen.

Custom Homescreen Background

Another change in this OS is background images. If in previos version background is set from manufacture, this in this version owner can change background.

Updated Lock screen Design

In this version, Microsoft allow developers produce other from default designs that completely different in their visual content.

Action Center

windows phone 8.1 action centerThis features is similar with Android drop down notification, but the main different is action center will revealing a various types information and option. Not only Bluetooth, WiFi, Phone mode, internet sharing, other notification like Facebook updates, calls, incoming email also show in here.

Internet Explorer 11

Like apple that have Safari, then Microsoft also have Internet Explorer. In this version, IE 11 brings new features such as InPrivate browsing, grabs website, sync password across multiple device. This browser also supporting WebGL and YouTube HTML 5 video player

Sense Apps

windows-phone-8-1-sense-appsThis application also have an update and added with more cool features. Battery Power Sense is application that tracks applications that use phone resource and give owner owner a handy overview about battery usages. Data and WiFi sense also give owner a great control over network that will to use. WiFi Sense have ability to share internet connection and secure network.

Enterprise and more Secure

Windows Phone 8.1 comes with VPN support and also supports S/MIME that allows to sign and encrypt email.

On Screen Keys (start, search and Back)

In short ways, bye bye physical buttons.

Wordflow Keyboard

A swipe like soft keyboard. It allow user to quick type by swiping through letters.

Quite Hours

Help owner to set periods or time when or who that can call. This feature can accessible from settings.

windows phone 8.1 features

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Features

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