Mobile Operating System : windows mobile or android

Operating system is another consideration when we buy a new smartphone. Android or Windows mobile?. Maybe your friends will suggest operating system like they used. It`s better for you to know the advantage or disadvantage from android and windows mobile.



  • Multi tasking
    Can run more than one application at the same time.
  • Notification
    Pop-up message when receive a new email or incoming SMS
  • App-market Support
    Find suitable game or application that we need.
  • Mobile choise
    Many mobile that using android for their operating system
  • Easy to modify
  • Integreted google service
    Gmail, google reader, google sync
  • Support DivX / XviD HD
  • Tathering
    Tathering appication is already installed on system
  • Quick Update


  • Need continuous Internet connection for best performace
  • ads on application and game

Windows Mobile


  • Live Tiles
    For show every information (sms, social network update)in home screen
  • Office Hub
    Office application integrated
  • XBox Live
  • MarketPlace Hub
    like android market, but most of them is paid applications
  • Outlook integrated
    Integrated with your microsoft outlook in PC to your mobile
  • Internet Explorer
  • Find my Phone
    Tracking, lock and or file delete when your mobile has been missing or stolen

disavantage :

  • Can not transfer data between mobile and PC without supported application
  • Doesn`t support adobe flash player
  • Can not play DivX/Xvid file
  • for tahthering you need another Application

Mobile Operating System : windows mobile or android

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