Most asking from Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ (GT P1000) New Users

This are the question that ussually asking by Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ new users.

Galaxy Tab 7 General Question

What is the different between Samsung Galaxy Tab p1000 and p1010
Even the in same name (Tab 7″), there`s several differences such us GPU, Bluetooth, and network (p1000 – GSM+wifi, p1010 – Wifi).

I just knew that Samsung Galaxy Tab have CDMA version, why i can find it?
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ CDMA only available in some country.

How to make screenshoot in Galaxy tab 7″?
Just press back + power buttons

Is there any secret code for SG Tab 7?
Almost all samsung product have same secret code, but if you unsure check at Samsung Galaxy Tab secret code

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