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This are the question that ussually asking by Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ new users.

Galaxy Tab 7 General Question

What is the different between Samsung Galaxy Tab p1000 and p1010
Even the in same name (Tab 7″), there`s several differences such us GPU, Bluetooth, and network (p1000 – GSM+wifi, p1010 – Wifi).

I just knew that Samsung Galaxy Tab have CDMA version, why i can find it?
Samsung Galaxy Tab 7″ CDMA only available in some country.

How to make screenshoot in Galaxy tab 7″?
Just press back + power buttons

Is there any secret code for SG Tab 7?
Almost all samsung product have same secret code, but if you unsure check at Samsung Galaxy Tab secret code

Root and Firmware Samsung Galaxy Tab 7

About root, how did i know that my SG Tab7″ is already root?
You can use application such as Root Checker that available in market, or just check in your applications for superuser app.

If found that my Samsung Galaxy Tab is still unroot, what should i do?
Just root it! but you must undertand that in some location, rooted Samsung Galaxy Tab can lose the waranty. By the way, Galaxy Tab 7 have 2 version, GSM and CDMA, they have different way to root. If your tab is CDMA you can follow steps in “Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (sprint) CDMA” and GSM read at “Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (froyo)

Is that the only way to root Galaxy Tab 7?
No, you can use Odin, KIES or ClockWorkMod recovery to root it.

Can i use Galaxy Tab p1000 for p1010 firmware?
Oh no you dont! Use the wrong firmware can make your tab Bricked!

My Galaxy Tab is already root, now i want to unroot it, what should i do?
If it was root using SuperOneClick, you can redo the steps and click Unroot. But it`s different case for Samsung Galaxy Tab that using other way, you need to flash it.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Troubleshooting

After the firmware upgrade from froyo to gingerbread, i found that Galaxy Tab volume has lower voice than before, is that normal?
Yes, volume at Gingerbread firmware is lower than froyo firmware. but if your Galaxy Tab is root, you can install ‘vodoo control plus’ for increase the sound limit

How to change default email that use in market?
Try hard reset, Dial *#7780# (Factory Reset) or *2767*3855# (Full Factory Reset)

Can i make a call from skype, only rear camera that active, how i can switch to front camera?
It`s all about android version. Froyo doesn`t support skpee front camera, you need to upgrade the firmware to gingerbread or the newer firmware to activate it.

Display at my Tab 7″ cannot change from potrait to landscape, how to rotate it?
Drag the notification, make sure Orientation Lock is turn off. If it failed, try to recalibrate your screen

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