Most Wanted Android Smartphone around $100


If you only have a budget between $100 ~ 200$, here is some our favorite products. We had Nokia with Nokia X, LG with L40 DuaL, Asus with Asus Zenfone 4, Acer with Liquid Z5, and Sony with Xperia E1.

Which one is the best for you? Each product have their plus and minus. So let`s get start!

Nokia X

nokia-lumia-x-thumbWhat’s interesting from this product?

First you can choose these products because it has a gorgeous design. Available on bright colors choices, with a thick box shape that rarely used by other vendors. Excess Nokia X is on a rigid shape.

This device also offers a unique UI.

When it announced at the MWC 2014 a few months ago, a number of expectations has rise in the market shock about the presence of Nokia on the Android OS market.

Nokia have a tradition made something different and because of that many people have great expectation.

Nokia X, maybe still need more improvement on their UI and performance, also for cut the cost it`s look like they use cheaper material to build it.

Buy Nokia X, if:

  • You like pastel colors which is offered by this product
  • Interested in trying a new typical Android UI same as in Lumia
  • Experience Lumia in Android devices
  • You like Android modifications

Sony Xperia E1

sony-xperia-e1-thumbXperia series added two more devices in their family, Xperia E1 and Xperia E1 DuaL. Both off them have same spec and software, the main different it is only numbers of SIM card that they can carried. Even those, the price is quite different.

Using Sony typical UI, these products is work without any problem. Especially when compared to the Other 4 inches screen phones. Even for business performance is also reliable. If only these products bring larger RAM than 512 MB,

Surely it would be more interesting.

With this size of RAM, no one can guarantee whether this device can be running hardcore Android games.

Fortunately, a number of technologies for multimedia are already embedded in the phone. For example, xLOUD, it will increase the bass sound which coming out from phone speaker up to 100 db. Also feature to presenting 3d Surround audio.

Buy Sony Xperia E1, if:

  • You like to use your mobile phone to play music
  • Share music in a small group
  • Listen to the radio with a stylish look
  • Does not care about the bright colors device

Asus Zenfone 4 (A400CG)

asus-zenfone-4-thumbAsus release a new device in zenfone series, Asus Zenfone 4. It may the cheapest device in this series, it price only around $100. But it have a great features and build in attractive design.

This phone carries an interesting Zenfone UI. some intresting features that we can find in this UI such as  “what’s next”, “record the call”, “the battery saving mode”, “Do it Later”. So it’s not limited to the Launcher.

This phone is have excellent hardware, with 1 GB of RAM and Intel Atom Processor Z250. Multi thread architecture brings this equivalent with processor duaL

core 1.2 GHz. This Device is the most recommended item

If you see this phone battery is a little below from other device in same class but Atom InteL Z250 has Low energy consume features so the battery is already suitable for it.

Buy Asus Zenfone 4, if:

• You need a mobile phone with high performance at a low price

  • Like with colorful bright pastel
  • Phone base material no matter for you
  • Want to try the features in ZenUl

LG Dual L40

LG-Dual-L40-thumbLG DuaL L40 is the smallest and cheapest LG launched along with the two other L-series that release in the end of April. equipped  with 3.5inch Screen, 1.2 GHz A DuaL Core processor and mAh 1,540 power battery.

This Smartphone also pre-installed with Android 4.4 aka KitKat and a new security feature called KnockCode. This security innovation featurefor lock and unlock LG smartphones.

This feature works by utilizing a combination of finger tapping on the screen. The Knock Code creates up to 80 thousand combinations possibilities that can be applied with different screen. User even can utilize the KnockCode without looking directly to the screen.

LG L40 is a DuaL SIM phone. With the IPS Screen fitur for reproduction natural colors and viewing at vast angles.

 Buy LG L40, if:

  • You need up to date security features.
  • 3.5 inches IPS Screen
  • Do not want to wait for an upgrade version of KitKat in other mobile phone

Acer Liquid Z5

acer-liquid-z5-thumbThis may not product a new product. but since Acer lauch the cheaper Liquid Z4, these products are experiencing a significant decrease in prices from the price of $250 to $160. This could be an interesting reason if only price is the reason to buy a cell phone.

This product brings exciting features, such as the Acer Rapid shortcut buttons can be set to have a number of different functions, which is main purpose for shutter button. Which is the button is easily accessible as we use front camera for selfie photo. But it could also be used for other needs such as answering telephone calls, return to the main menu and so on.

Buy Acer Liquid Z5, if:

  • You like selfie and need a special key to do it
  • Liked the Acer Interface
  • Need a product with DTS quality sound

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