Move Data Files to External Memory using Directory Bind

Directory Bind is an application that makes android data read is redirect to other folder. In this case, from internal memory to external memory.


  • Root Android Device
  • Download and install Bind Directory
  • Data files that you want to move (in steps below, PES 2011 is used just for example)

Move data file to External Card

  1. Make a new folder in ext_sdcard (name example: games)
  2. Move PES2011 folder to folder games (ext_sdcard/Games/PES2011)
  3. In internal memory, make a new folder in android/data/ (sdcard/Android/Data/PES2011)
  4. Install PES2011 apk (do not run after installation)
  5. run Directory Bind
  6. Select allow to confirm Superuser
  7. switch on (bottom right)
  8. Go to Menu > Add new entry
  9. In first field, Source (data) path, hold until explorer open
  10. Select folder directory from external SDcard (ext_sdcard/Games/PES2011)
  11. In second field, mount target path, hold until explorer open
  12. select the empty folder that was made in step 3(sdcard/Android/Data/PES2011)
  13. After the binding done, click disk icon in left and check on the right side
  14. Make sure that switch button is on (at bottom right)
  15. Done


  • Make binds backup, menu > backup database
  • Make sure that directory bind off (disc icon, check apps, switch) to prevent bad thing happen

Do With Your Own Risk

DirectoryBind changelog and source

Download Support File

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