Move installed application to microSD

Attention!! It`s recommand using MicroSD class 4, 6 or 10. With higher MicroSD class the device performace will increase and the adroid device must root before do this.


  • Download and install minitool partititon wizard
  • Download link2SD
  • Root android device

Move installed application to microSD

  1. Turn off the device
  2. Remove the MicroSD from smartphone and put in card reader
  3. Open Minitool partition wizard (MicroSD will detected)
  4. Select MicroSD
  5. Click at move/resize
  6. Make partition in MicroSD
    • Use FAT32 as primary partititon format
    • Recommand partition, 80 : 20
  7. Click apply (right top)
  8. Wait until Minitool partition wizard process is done.
  9. Copy Link2SD to MicroSD
  10. Remove microSD from card reader and put it back to smartphone
  11. Turn on the device
  12. Install link2SD
  13. Launch link2SD
  14. At first load link2SD you`ll see the options, select fat16/32
  15. reboot the device
  16. Done

Move the application using Link2SD

  1. Go to link2SD
  2. Select the application that want to move
  3. select create link
  4. Check all options

Tips using link2SD

It`s more easier to move the application from internal to external

  1. Open link2SD menu
  2. Click option button
  3. go to settings, select option automatic link

so .. next when you install a new application, it`s automatically move to microSD

note :

  • Always back up your data in microSD
  • Do not make partition in microSD using android device, use card reader in your PC/Laptop
  • Install games that include data folder, do not create link (not yet) it`s will help you to manage the folder path.

Download Support files

Move installed application to microSD

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