Move Installed Application to SDcard

Apps2SD is an application that allow you to move the installed application in android to SDcard. But not all application can move.

unmove application
Ok, this is an alternative way to move the unmove application from your android to SDcard without root the android.


  1. Make sure that your device driver is already installed in your PC.
  2. You will need Android SDK, you can download it from official android site
  3. This is the minimal componets that you must install.

    after installation

How to move the unmove application to SDcard

  1. Go to setting -> applications -> development
  2. Make sure that USB Debbugging is already Check.
  3. Connect the device to PC
  4. Click windows start button, choose Run, type cmd
  5. at command prompt go to platform-tools in sdk-android-windows folder


    note: change the drive letter with another driver where your android folder located.

  6. Just to make sure that the device is connect and recognize, type

    adb devices

  7. Next, we need to change the default install to SDcard, type

    adb shell pm setInstallLocation 2

    note: it`s case sensitive, make sure the big and small letter.

Now, the default install is move from Memory Internal to SDcard.
If the application is already installed, go to setting -> applications -> manage application.

You will see that move to SDcard button is active, just click it to move the installed application to SDcard

How to set the default install back to device

Almost all steps is same with above, execpt the last step, type

adb shell pm setInstallLocation 0

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