Multi Tasking Android in Galaxy Gio

When an application is started and then press the back button, then the application was not “totally” remove from memory, but not also be running on the background, except for applications that run the services. Try to run and then press the back button, as many applications over and over again.

For example: Open SMS> back / home, setting> back / home, the game> back / home, market> back / home, Calculator> back / home, and so on.

The application is still using some place in memory. The outside of each of these applications are usually turned out to “save state” or on-pause and will soon be opened if the application concerned is re-open.

If you find that memory space will be used for other applications Oldest first .. then the application will be stored in memory in the flush (remove from memory). All applications that settles in the memory does not use Galaxy Gio (GTS5660) CPU resources so as not to burden the system at all during the last pause.

To clear the memory only add to the burden of the CPU to load the re-application is called and of course if the CPU load up the power consumption will also increase.

Unless the application services, all applications that settles in the memory will NOT make you a slower Galaxy Gio (GTS5660), quite the contrary. Imagine a web proxy, if the content is never accessible to the first then load the second who will not be as long as the first load.

Just keep in your mind .. applications it is NOT WALK IN THE BACKGROUND, they save the last condition (Save State) when you press the back button (which you think it will close the application). Even if you turn off the Galaxy Gio (GTS5660) and revived, they will still be there ..

that’s what we call a smart …

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