New Samsung Galaxy Gio Overclock Kernel

What is new in this Samsung Galaxy Gio Overclock Kernel?

  • support ext3, ext4, tun, cifs, bln
  • added 5 new scaling governor for battery life (smartassV2, savagedzen, scary, minmax, interactiveX)
  • added 4 i/o schedulling for better i/o (cfq,bfq,vr,sio)

new samsung galaxy gio kernel
This kernel works on “>simpligio 1.3, particle KQG beta 2, and it should be works for another ROM too. In this gio overclock kernel is include :

  • no-frill application, use for set min and max clock value.
  • governor, use for scaling cpu clock, it mean that your gio will not always in max clock.
  • I/O schedule settings
  • minmax
  • innnteractiveX
  • smrtassV2

note: using I/O schedule sometime make gio error, so it`s not recommended to use this application to setting clock CPU.

Do With Your Own Risk!!

Tutorial for Backup samsung galaxy gio

Download Support File

New Samsung Galaxy Gio Kernel (1726 downloads)

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