Nexus 7 Restore to stock ROM and unroot


  • Instaled android SDK or adb and fastboot
  • Download stock ROM (that compatible with your device)

Unroot and restore Nexus 7 stock ROM

  1. Extract stock ROM to same folder with adb and fastboot
  2. Connect Nexus 7 to PC / laptop
  3. Open terminal (windows : run > type ‘run’)
  4. Change working path to adb folder
  5. Restart the device and boot to bootloader, type:

    adb reboot bootloader

  6. Do flash bootloader , type:

    fastboot flash bootloader bootloader-[type]-[series].img

  7. file img name can be change depend the stock ROM name
  8. Restart bootloader, type:

    adb reboot bootloader

  9. Flash stock ROM, type:

    fastboot -w update image-[type]-[series].zib

  10. Relock the bootloader, type:

    fastboot oem lock

  11. restart the device:

    fastboot reboot

  12. Remove the device from PC/laptop
  13. Done

Relock steps are optional, you can skip those steps if want bootloader still in unlock condition

Do With Your Own Risk

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