Nexus 7 Unlock Bootloader and Root


  • Download and install Nexus 7 toolkit 4.0.0
  • Update nexus 7 to latest version (4.2.1)

Unlock bootloader and Root Nexus 7

  1. Go to Settings > About Tablet
  2. You`ll see the Build Number from this device, take a note and write it.
  3. Do tap 7 times on build number until “you are now a developer” text come out,
  4. Now, go to Settings > Developer Options
  5. Switch Developer Options to On
  6. Check USB Debugging
  7. Run Nexus 7 Toolkit
  8. It will ask “check update if available”, type “NO”
  9. Next select the number that match with your device Build Number. (ex: if your build number JOP40D then select number 4)
  10. Select no 1 for install Nexus 7 Driver (if drive is not installed) , make sure your N7 is unplug / not connect with PC / Laptop
  11. Restart Pc/laptop
  12. After restart, connect your nexus 7, you’ll see a notification that the driver is installing.
  13. Open Nexus 7 toolbox, now you can see your n7 serial
  14. Pick number 8, 1-clock for all
  15. Next for super user method pick number 2, SuperSU 0.99
  16. Next option is for install custom recovery, you can choose which one that you want to use.(CWM or TWRP)
  17. Type ‘no’ to make Nexus 7 boot in fast mode.
  18. Your device will reboot and boot on fastmode, wait until nexus 7 toolbox finish their job, and once again the device will reboot and boot in normal mode.
  19. You need to fill email account
  20. Repeat step 1 – 5, and wait until the process is done.
  21. Reboot, if unlock process is success then icon unlock will show under google logo
  22. Check on drawer, if SuperSU installed then the Nexus 7 is root
  23. Done


  • After install the driver you can backup your Nexus 7, this is an optional steps, you can skip this step if N7 is very new.
  • For relock, in Nexus 7 Toolbox use option number 3 (unlock / re-lock bootloader) then pict option number 2.
  • For OTA upgrade, you can backup the root condition using Voodoo OTA RootKeeper
  • For troubleshooting (stuck, bootloop, etc) pick option number 9

Do With Your Own Risk

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