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Nokia N9Judging from hardware, Nokia N9 were one of “iPhone killer” Nokia can proud of. Unfortunately N9 software support makes this series become an “Orphan”. Using MeeGo that based on linux as operating system in some point of view have an advantage, but like we said before not much software developer that want to build an application for this. Yes, Nokia N9 is the first and the last Nokia that using MeeGo


116,45 x 61,2 x 12,1 mm, 135 gram

Nokia N9 has great responsibility for returning Nokia to golden age. And looks like Nokia is success to make this device design has a simple and gorgeous but looks smart.
The main idea is give button less touchscreen device, so you can find only two button, Power and volume buttons in Nokia N9.
The battery and external memory slot is embed to the Nokia N9 body. For internal memory N9 you can choose between 16 and 64 GB.
Nokia N9 body is thicker than Samsung Galaxy S2 but thinner than iPhone 4.


3.9 inches AMOLED clear black, 16:9, 854 x 480 pixel, Capacitive, GORILLA GLASS, 16.7 million colour

For convenience and accuracy N9 had semi-convex screen. It’s make sense consider that not all screen area is use for display. Touchscreen area is placed all over the screen, so the separator between main area and frame area be distinguished by height and low area.

Bring AMOLED (Clearback) technology with raven-black AMOLED capacitive sensor can perform brighter and great contrast color, looks suit with black frame on screen. In off condition, Nokia N9 give widespread impression because screen section and non screen section converge.

Like other AMOLED screen you still enjoy this device display under sunlight, plus good responsive screen give convenience using N9 “Touchscreen”.

The buttons disappearance make user learn how to using MeeGo interface for N9. Wiping screen is more effective if we do on screen indention, where you can choose homescreen by sliding screen to right or left. Open application with sliding screen from top to bottom. Open shortcut row with sliding screen from bottom to top, release it on middle section, we can make phone call, open short message service, activating camera and browser.


1 GHz Cortex A8 chipset TI OMAP 3630, PowerVR SGX530 GPU, 1 GHz RAM, 16 and 64 GB external memory, Li-Ion 1450 mAh (BV-5JW) Battery

Nokia N9 brain builded with CPU Cortex A8 single core with 1 GHz clock speed and GPU PowerVR SGX530. Even with single core, Nokia N9 shown a good performance, Typing, camerawork, video and browser access.


MeeGo for Nokia N9 (MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan), Nokia Store, Ovi Music, Nokia Maps, Driver, Document Viewer, HTML 5, GPS, A-GPS

Like already known, Nokia looking for right OS for compete with other smartphone. So, Nokia choose MeeGo, but after sometime Nokia make a deal with Microsoft using Windows Phone OS as other Nokia product OS.

From Nokia CEO Stephen Elop, Nokia announce to stop using MeeGo and Linux operating system in his device. It’s means application and game support for MeeGo OS in N9 is questionable.


CarlZeiss optic, 8 megapixel, Wider Lens, LED flash, HD recorder 720p 30fps

Nokia N9 using high resolution camera (8 megapixel). It has great speed on processing image, with high resolution and great quality it only needs less than a second to capture image and save it in memory.

Second, focus point can be setting with touch . With high accuracy we can shoot focus point on each part of screen. N9 3.9 Inches screen capable of that.

The result like Nokia characteristic, when had many light color saturation increase. Not only in AMOLED screen preview, but also if transferred on laptop or PC’s.
Even had front camera (for Skype or Video call), can’t using it for take a picture.


HSDPA, 3G, GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth, TV-Out

Like other smartphone, Nokia N9 brought all connection for it. But interesting features is WiFi Tethering (WiFi Hotspot) and NFC features.

Great Loss

No Document editor, No FM Radio, No external slot memory, unsupported browser with flash

Even awesome in some part but without document editor, FM radio, and flash in browser looks like we back on first iPhone era.

Nokia N9 Conclusion

Nokia N9 are totally different from other Nokia product. Except menu image and font, all aspect in this device different from old Nokia. Nokia N9 has a good hardware performance.
The main problem would be software support, because Nokia has ‘left’ MeeGo. Even the software developer still creates new applications but it can’t be assure how long it will be.
MeeGo made Nokia N9 becoming equal with Android product and new Blackberry. Some lost features can be replaces with software upgrade.

The Advantage and Disadvantage of Nokia N9


  • MeeGo v1.2
  • Design
  • Responsive Touchscreen
  • 8 Megapixel Camera
  • Divx/Vidx


  • No external memory slot
  • limited software support
  • No flash support for browser

Nokia N9

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