Optimizing Android Tablet Performance

Makes your android tablet faster

  1. Install application that you realy need it
    Install unnecessary application will reduce storage memory. Sometime free memory from storage use by system to increase their performace
  2. Close unnecessary applications
    Today tablet is not like PC, open many applications at one time will make memory suffer.
    When it`s happen then the first thing that will reduce is the tablet performance.
  3. Pick application that doesn`t need lot of resource
    The main suspect is game application, some game need more space and when it`s run took a lot of memory resource. Other application such as photo editor also took a lot of space and memory resource, but using application that you need is different case with application that rarely use.
  4. Deactivate GPS / maps
    Almost all tablet is has GPS, but are you need it all the time? Active the GPS all time will drain you battery, the system will cut the tablet perfomance to keep the device can stay a litte longger.
  5. Deactivate Animation
    Animation when open or close menu, took memory resource too. Deactive the animation will help memory to have some free resource that can allocate for tablet performace.
    Turn off the animation: Settings > Display > Animation > Select No Animations
  6. Do not use live background
    Look!! i can see a fish swiming on my tablet!
    Ok, it`s fun somehow to saw something moving in your screen. But you must know that live background still active even you open an application with full screen.
  7. Manage start-up
    In android market, you can download free application that will help you to manage start up in android. using startup manager you can activate or deactivate or uninstall unused application.
  8. Delete widget and shortcut
    To many widget (especially that need sync with server) and to many shortcut in desktop will effect to tablet performance.
  9. Use application cleaner
    Application cleaner will help you to clean the file cache and history (browser history), save some space will help the tablet performance

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