Optimizing G button on LG Optimus Black

Have you see this button in your LG Optimus Black?
htc sensation g-button
From the button position, G button is easy to reach. But it`s a useless button until we made some modification.

  • Lock or unlock the phone
  • Shortcut to access camera, auto focus and take a picture

Make easier isn`t ?


  • Root LG Optimus Black
  • RootExplorer (or similiar application)
  • R/W for system partititon

Modification G button LG Optimus Black

  1. Go to system > usr > keylayout
  2. Make backup for TWL4030_Keypad.kl file (copy or duplicate it)
  3. For RootExplorer click on top right, change mount R/W to mount R/O
  4. Press TWL4030_Keypad.kl for a few sec until another option come up
  5. Select open in text editor
  6. Scroll down text editor, Find key 95 GESTURE (3rd line from bottom)
  7. Change key 95 GESTUREto
    • key 95 CAMERA WAKE_DROPPED – change G button as camera button
    • key 95 POWER WAKE_DROPPED – change G button as power or lock/unlock button
  8. Save the change
  9. Reboot

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