Overclocking Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc


  • Unclock bootloader Xperia Arc build number 4.0.2.A.0.42
  • Root Xperia Arc
  • Download and extract FastBoot
  • Download Doom Kernel OC 2 GHz
  • Download Wifi Modules
  • Download No Friils CPU Control

Overclocking Xperia Arc

  1. Copy WiFi modules to SDcard, do not extract
  2. Turn off xperia arc
  3. Press and hold menu button then connect the device to PC/Laptop using USB Cable
  4. Wait until LED turn Blue
  5. Windows will search fastboot driver, give a path to driver in fastboot extract folder
  6. Copy boot.img to fastboot extract folder
  7. Open windows command prompt (sp: start > run, type: cmd)
  8. Change the work path

    cd c:\fastboot

  9. Flash boot.img

    fastboot flash boot boot.img

  10. After kernel installation finish, remove the device from PC / laptop
  11. Turn on the device
  12. Press rapidly the back button, before sony logo show up, if success it will boot in recovery mode.
  13. Select Instal Zip from SDcard
  14. Select Choose ZIP from SDcard
  15. select DoomKernel-v15-wifi_modules_CWM.zip
  16. Choose YES to begin installation
  17. Wait until installation process is done
  18. Reboot and done

Overclock Settings

  1. Install and launch No Friils
  2. There some options, all we must to do is change the clock freq step by step.


  • You can add governor and i/o scheduller to makes the device is more stable
  • Do not jump to highest clock freq, and give a times to make sure is device can run with that speed
  • If xperia ark become freeze at some value, do not panic, just remove the battery and wait for a few sec.
  • Do not apply at boot until you find the stable freq for your device

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

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