Porting Bravia Engine to Samsung Galaxy W


  • The device must already root
  • Root Explorer
  • Download and extract BraviaEngineMod.rar

How to Porting Bravia Engine in Samsung Galaxy W

  1. Lauch rootexplorer
  2. go to /system, Mount as R/W
  3. In /system, Copy and paste build.prop (for backup file, buid-copy.prop)
  4. Connect your Samsung galaxy W to PC/Laptop
  5. Inside BraviaEngineMod extract folder, you will find be_movie and be_photo folders. Copy those folders to your SDcard.
  6. From PC/Laptop go to /system at your device, and open build.prop.
  7. Using notepad, edit build.prop, at very bottom add these lines

    #Sony Bravia Engine Porting

  8. Save the changes that you make in build.prop
  9. Unplug the device from PC/Laptop
  10. Using rootexplorer mount /system to R/W
  11. Copy build.prop file from /sdcard to /system and set the permission


  12. Copy be_photo and be_movie in /sdcard to /system/etc and set the permissions to :


  13. Reboot your Device

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support files

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