Ramos W17 pro Rooting and Install Market


  • Dowload and extract Ramos W17Pro Firmware, do not unzip w17ref-ota-eng.zuguo.chen.zip
  • Download root_your_w17pro.zip
  • Download and extract Market Install.rar
  • Download and extract xmlfiles (1).zip
  • Download ES File Explorer.apk

Root Ramos W17pro

  1. Copy firmwire extract folder, root_your_w17pro.zip, install.rar extract folder, xmlfils(1).zip extract folder and ES File Explorer.apk to SDcard
  2. Make sure thatĀ  root_your_w17pro.zipĀ is in SDcard root
  3. Turn off the device
  4. Hold volume[-] button then press Power button
  5. Release the power button and wait until it`s start to flash
  6. Turn Off the device
  7. Take the SDcard out from device
  8. Press and hold power + volume[-] buttons until it`s boot in recovery mode
  9. Put back SDcard to device then install root_your_w17pro.zip
  10. reboot, root done

Install Market

  1. Go to file browser and install ES File Explorer
  2. Launch ES File Explorer, go to settings and turn on “Root Explorer” and “Mount File System”
  3. Using ES File Explorer, copy file (in list below) to system/app
    • GoogleLoginService.apk
    • GoogleServicesFramework.apk
    • Vending.apk
  4. Install vending.apk
  5. Reboot

Fix market to get more compatible apps

  1. Using ES file explorer, copy /system/etc/permissions to somewhere else (for backup)
  2. Change permission on files in list below to rw-r-r (long tap on each file and select permission)
    • android.hardware.location.gps.xml
    • android.hardware.location.xml
    • com.android.location.provider.xml
    • tablet_core_hardware.xml
  3. Copy files to /system/etc/permissions
  4. Go to settings > apps > all and tap google Play Store
  5. Click on Clear Data
  6. Reboot Tablet

Troubleshooting market not working

  1. Go to settings > apps > all
  2. go to Google Play Store
  3. do Clean cache
  4. Do Force Stop
  5. reboot

If market still not works after all step above, do

  1. Go to Settings > apps > all
  2. go to Google Play Store
  3. do clean data
  4. reboot

Do With Your Own Risk

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