Ramos W17Pro Stock Firmware and Custom ROM

Ramos W17Pro Stock Firmware

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of W17PRO_ICS.W17pro.20120425
Download W17PRO_ICS.W17pro.20120425 (1194 downloads)

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of W17PRO_ICS.w17pro (Dualcore). 20120508
Download W17PRO_ICS.w17pro (Dualcore). 20120508 (1099 downloads)

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120514
Download W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120514 (920 downloads)

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120517
Download W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120517 (903 downloads)

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120605
Download W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120605 (870 downloads)

[Firmware] Yin Yue Department of 20120616
Download W17PRO.ICS.w17ref.20120616 (1006 downloads)

official ramos Release market patch
Download market patch (1006 downloads)

Ramos W17Pro Custom Firmware

  • F&LSuperstore’s Root and market patch with GT–I9100 finger print
    Download F&LSuperstore's (621 downloads)
  • CUSTOM ROM 20120517(with_play_store_and_rooted) and GT–I9100 finger print
    Download CUSTOM ROM 20120517 (531 downloads)
    Runs fine everything you need fullmarket in one.
  • CUSTOM ROM Freewill 2.0
    Download Freewill 2.0 (942 downloads)

    • added customized SystemUI.apk (recompiled based on fw0605)
    • pretends to be samsung GT-I9100
    • added Google Facelock (optional)
    • no upgraded busybox until i figure out why mouse cursor shows a logo picture
    • only provides the rooted boot.img and two modified recovery.imgs to -support adb shell
    • changed recovery flashing method

    just put the zip file onto your external sd card..boot into recovery and apply update from sdcard

    Fullscreen and Screenshot patch 2.0 (825 downloads)
    • added long press BACK function to toggle full screen mode
    • to disable long press BACK function, add “ro.fs.delay=0” to build.prop
    Physical Volume Buttons Remap (833 downloads)
    • VOLUME UP remapped to HOME
    • VOLUME DOWN remapped to BACK

    you can edit /system/usr/keylayout/Vendor_0001_Product_0001.kl to remap keys as you wish.

  • CUSTOM ROM Freewill 1.1.1 Multiple choice install
    Download Freewill 1.1.1 Multiple choice install (871 downloads)
    zip aligned apps for speed.rooted. and (market crashes but can fix it with the guide below, AC3 Patch included.. based on 20120517

  • CabROM v2.0
    Download CabROM v2.0 (890 downloads)
    feature list (June 7, 2012):

    • added Google’s electronic market Play;
    • integrated Google’s official face recognition (needs Google Play login before use);
    • integrated solutions for hard Flash10.2;
    • full Root permissions and rights management;
    • other optimization, improving running speed.

    Apps still missing from the market though will still need to follow through the guide below in the 2nd post from..
    “to fix market to get more apps compatible” point
    copy & paste the permissions files

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