Recognize Fake Samsung Galaxy Grand 2


Today is not easy to recognize a fake smartphone only by looking. A few years ago, clone / fake smartphone use different material but today they go level up and use same material with original.

For first time user it`s became very difficult to know the difference. Not only iPhone, other brand like Samsung (ex: Galaxy S4) also have (many) clone. Well, even they look same but the performance is very difference.

Tips for recognize fake Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

See the default menu

Dial *#0*# to open Galaxy grand 2 menu.

samsung-galaxy-grand-2-menu-dialOriginal Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will show menu like above, but this step cannot determine that it`s original because some clone also have this menu to prevent buyer know that those thing is fake.

Check using CPUz

Download CPUZ from google play and run in device.

samsung-galaxy-grand-2-cpuz-resultGalaxy Grand 2 will show result like above. But some clone also have ways to change the result.

Check using CPU Identifier

Download CPU Identifier from google play and run in device

samsung-galaxy-grand-2-cpu-identiflerThis application will show more details result from hardware, if clone have significant different hardware from original than it`s more easy to recognize.

Check Using KIES

This default application from Samsung need to install to your PC / Laptop, fake Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 will failed to recognize by KIES.


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