Recommended browser for smartphone

Recommended browser for smartphone

Dolphin Browser HD and Mini

recommanded browser dolphin browserDeveloper : MoboTab
Official site:

Dolphin browser concept is how to change your browsing ways. Usually user must adapt with the new application, but Dolphin try to reverse this.

User can easily access to a site with only draw something in screen, then the browser will open the site.

Dolphin have plugins support too, so when you need something that the default  dolphin doesn`t have, just add the addon.

Dolphin Browser support for iPhone, ipad, Android Phone, Android Tablet

Skyfire Web Browser

recommanded browser skyfireDeveloper: Skyfire
Official site: 

Skyfire browser try to close “the hole” from default browser (specially Safari) that cannot read flash files. At first Skyfire create for iOS, convert a flash format file to another file that more compatible with cloud computing platform.

Skyfire equipped with “User Agent Switching”, this feature makes you to decide  how the site will be open, mobile device or browser destop.

Skyfire support for Android, iPhone and iPad

Firefox mobile

recommanded browser firefoxDeveloper : Mozilla coorporation
Official site:

Firefox browser is well known as ones of recommended browser for PC. For mobile version, mozilla coorporation try to bring all the advantage from desktop version to mobile version.

The features from this browser makes user can “decorate” their browser, sync between the mobile and destop browser. Firefox mobile version also supported with mozilla addons.

Firefox mobile only support for android

UC Browser

Developer: UC mobile .Ltd
Official Site:

UC Browser has been use over than 3000 models of phones. This browser also claim that already serve overthan 150 nations.

This browser is also recommended browser for mobile phone. UC browser features like Pre Load, makes browsing more faster. Another features like Download manager, multi-tab, bookmark, save and share can be found in UC Browser.

UC browser support for iPhone, java, symbian, windows, blackberry and android 

xScope Browser

recommanded browser xscope browserDeveloper: x-Labs (xScope Mobile)
Official Site: 

Maybe xScope  is the first browser that support multitouch feature in android. xScope also support google bookmark import feature,  the advantage for user is they can access their bookmark that already store in google account.

xScope is also integrate with files explorer application that makes you easier to arrange the file in device.

recommanded browser xscope browser

xScope only support for Android

360 web Browser

Developer:  digitalpoke
Official Site:

360 web browser have an innovative design interface. This application have a virtual buttons that design like cycle, and name it as 360 ARC. Every buttons represent each features in 360 web browser.

This application also sync with firefox desktop version. 360 web browser can connect to DropBox (data backup service).

recommanded browser 360 web browser

360 web browser support  iPhone and iPad

Opera mini and opera mobile

Developer: Opera softwara ASA
official page:

Opera is another recommended browser. Opera mini still became a main choise when the user find an alternative browser to install in their phone.

The advantage of opera is data compression technology that can decrease the data receive until 90% .

Opera support android, blackberry, symbian , iPhone

Puffin Web Browser

recommanded-browser-puffin-web-browserDeveloper: CloudMosa. Inc
Official Site:

Puffin web browser is almost like Skyfire, this browser makes the iOS user can open a site with flash content. Unfortunately when come to game such as facebook game the browser cannot handle it.

From interface, puffin almost like opera mini. Puffin web browser support android and iPhone


Developer: Bitstream inc
Official Site:

uZard features almost like other recommended browser in this post.  but uZard show a promising result when it`s come to loading performance. Not only in 3G network but also in 2G and 2.5G.

uZard support for android, blackberry and Windows Phone.

Recommended browser for smartphone

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