Recommended Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom ROM


From many Samsung Galaxy S4 custom ROM that you can find, this is some custom ROM that recommended by many Samsung Galaxy S4 users.

Each ROM has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it might be worthwhile for you to figure it out before deciding flashing your device.

Custom ROM was developed by community which you can find on XDA-developers.

Recomandded custom rom for samsung galaxy s4

Arrow Rom (for GT-I9500)

This ROM is based on 4.2.2 (jellybean) official frameware, stock kernel, busybox, deodex, zipalign, and rooted. All Samsung features application is available.

This ROM has advantages in setting up the system, this can be seen from the extra feature added by developer. some tweaks also done to accelerate and UI smooth animation transition .

Additional effects are also implanted, such as CRT effect , beauty AOSP theme and much more.

It seems this ROM developer has tremendous ambition when build this ROM.

Here are some screenshots of the Arrow ROM

galaxy-s4-arrow-custom-rom-01 galaxy-s4-arrow-custom-rom-02

For more details you can go to here

Crash Rom (for GT-I9500)

This ROM based on other custom ROM, wanam exposed. From feature list that available in this ROM, the advantage from Crash ROM are options that makes user easily to change their UI appearance.

A few tweaks also done. On the claim that the ROM has a setting of power usage so as to prolong the battery life. In addition do 3 g boost, this is very useful when you are connected to the internet because you can do streaming, upload and download faster.

Here are some screenshots of Crash ROM

galaxy-s4-crash-ROM-custom-rom-01 galaxy-s4-crash-ROM-custom-rom-02

For more details you can go to here

Phoenix Rom (for GT-I9500)

This ROM is based on stock firmware 4.2.2, stock UBUBMH1 kernel, busybox, deodex, superSU and bin files. Flash player support and added the bootanimation and shutdown animation.

Some feature in this ROM seem interesting, such as, big APN list, multi window manager, faster gix gps, idle time WiFi manager, etc.

Like other ROM,  Phoenix ROM also did a tweak in the kernel, the build prop and several others. The purpose of tweaks to smooth animations, fix scrolling, accelerating data calls, etc.

Here are some screenshots of Phoenix ROM

galaxy-s4-phoniex-ROM-custom-ROM-01 galaxy-s4-phoniex-ROM-custom-ROM-02 galaxy-s4-phoniex-ROM-custom-ROM-03 galaxy-s4-phoniex-ROM-custom-ROM-04

For more details you can go to here

Omega Rom (for GT-I9500)

This ROM is based on stock firmware 4.2.2 (jellybean), kernel UBUBMH1, csc set to multi XME, busybox init. ol support, flash player support.

Omega ROM using AROMA installer as an installer support, this makes installation ROM more easier and full customable

Some modifications were done in this ROM, such as the addition of the call recorder, unlimited contact, battery saver, you can set the lock screen and many others

Here are some screenshots of the omega ROM

galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-04 galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-05 galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-03 galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-02 galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-01 galaxy-s4-omega-ROM-custom-ROM-06

For more details you can go to here

WanamLite Rom (for GT-I9500)

This CD-ROM is based on the latest official firmware, rooted, busybox, clean build. prop, auto wipe cache and cache dalvic before flashing.

If you want to maximize this CD-ROM, you can install wanam Xposed. featured are on offer in the custom ROM is also quite a lot. Some custom ROM also use this ROM as its base.

In this Rom you easily adjust the appearance of the UI on your device. With the ease with which a given, it seems you do not need to mention the functioning of other applications to set the look of the S4.

This screenshot from WanamLite some of the ROM

galaxy-s4-wanam-lite-custom-ROM-04 galaxy-s4-wanam-lite-custom-ROM-01 galaxy-s4-wanam-lite-custom-ROM-02 galaxy-s4-wanam-lite-custom-ROM-03

For more details you can go to here

Grarak’s Switcher Quadboot Rom (for GT-I9500)

This ROM is intended for users who are already accustomed to modify android, considering how complicated this ROM installation.

The advantage of this is dual boot ROM, or ROM 2 loading simultaneously or switch between 2 ROM ROM notes. as the first to stock the TouchWiz and the second should ROM AOSP (such as CynogenMod 10.1 unofficial).

For more details you can go to here

Installing A Custom ROM

In General to be able to use the custom rom flashing process is required. To ensure the user does not experience a failure in expect to do a wipe data and cache, dalvik cache.

Make sure you’re make backups on important data. For more details you can read how to flashing Samsung Galaxy S4.

 Do With Your Own Risk

Recommended Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom ROM

Recommended Samsung Galaxy S4 Custom ROM

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