Recovery ZTE Light Plus Wifi MAC address

After upgrade to some custom ROM, it has posibility that they delete your WiFi MAC address. To recover the mac address you need default ZTE light Plus recovery.


  • Download and Install QPST 2.7 Build 366
  • Download and Install Hexedit for windows

Add Port for ZTE in QPST

  1. Open QPST Configuration
  2. Port > Add New Port
  3. Choose COMxx – ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU)
  4. Click OK
  5. Start Client > Software Download

Recovery mac address wifi ZTE Litght Plus

  1. Turn off the tablet
  2. Press and hold power + volume[+] buttons until it`s boot to Field Test Mode (FTM).
  3. In PC, start > QPST run software download
  4. Select backup dan backup nvitems
  5. Run hex editor
  6. open .qcn (this is a backup file that you get from step 4)
  7. Find “11 22 33 44 55 66
  8. Edit to original mac address, if you dont have the MAC address try with MAC address bluetooth (give the different address with up/down one number)
  9. save file
  10. back to software download
  11. select restore tab
  12. select fire .qcn that already edited

Your WiFi should be back right now.

WARNING!! Use QPST and qcn edit file carefully. This method have a change to make your tablet completely useless (unrecover brick)

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support File

Recovery ZTE Light Plus Wifi MAC address

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