Remove android default applications using ADB

You don`t like the android default applications? just uninstall it.
Using ADB, remove the application that we don`t use or dislike can save more space for others.
Using this tutorial i assume that you already knew about ADB (read here for how to install ADB in windows 7)


  • the android phone that already root
  • Android SDK
  • USB debugging mode enabled

How to uninstall default applications

  1. Find the directory where your android SDK located.(the default is in c:/android-sdk/platform-tools)
  2. At Windows, click start menu, choose run, type cmd
  3. In Command Prompt, type

    cd c:/android-sdk/platform-tools
    $ su

    this path can be change

  4. A notification for superuser access will show up in your android, just allow it.
  5. When $ become #, mean you are at root mode (escalated privilage).
  6. Next step, open application folder in andoid

    # cd system/app
    # ls

  7. Take a note and write down every applications path that you want to remove (uninstall)
  8. Now exit from your android, type

    # exit
    $ exit

  9. For uninstall the applications, type this command

    adb pull system/app/Applicationname.apk

    change the bold text with application name

Do With Your Own Risk

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