Repair “Segmentation Fault” Error On Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

Some Ice Cream Sandwich(ICS) User may meet the “Segmentation Fault” error. Link2SD user report that some of them have this kind of error when try to move or freeze an application.
“Segmentation Fault” error also occur on V6SuperCharger installation.

“Segmentation Fault” error was cause by SU Binary error, the main suspect is uncompatible kerner.

Repairing “Segmentation Fault” Error


  • Rooted ICS android
  • Download
  • Download Script Manager

Repair Steps

  1. Extract file to /SDcard/
  2. Run installer script from /sdcard/ using script manager
  3. Next, go to SU (superuser) > Preferences > SU Binary v3.0.3.1
  4. tap to check update
  5. Apply update

This script will search and make backups all SU binary before automatically install the new one.
And as a result .. No More “Segmentation Fault” error on ICS ..

Download Support Files

Repair “Segmentation Fault” Error On Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS)

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