Restore Contact From KIES to CyanogenMod 7

This is what you can do when the contact that already backup with CynogenMod 7 but cannot connect with KIES

  1. Open KIES
  2. Select Open contact file
  3. Check all contact then save as ..
  4. Change the file name from .spb to .vcf then save.
  5. Open windows explorer, go to PIMS folder
    at default you can find it at My Document\Samsung\Kies\PIMS
  6. In PIMS folder, you`ll find .vcf files
  7. Copy all files inside PIMS folder
    files inside, not PIMS folder!!
  8. Paste that file to contacts folder in SDcard
    Just a new one if the folder doen`t exist.
  9. Now go to your android, open contact application.
  10. At menu select import/export, select import.
  11. Done

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