Restore IMEI

Your IMEI became 0049? maybe this simple tutorial can help you.
This tutorial just for android that have been efs backup using sgstool or root explorer.


efs backup (in your laptop/PC), you just need IMEI folder, .nv_data.bak and .nv_data.bak.md5 (you can find it at IMEI folder)

How to Recovery IMEI

  1. Change the file extention from bak to bin

    .nv_data.bak -> nv_data.bin
    .nv_data.bak.md5 -> nv_data.bin.md5

  2. Using wordpad open nv_data.bin, Make sure that CSC is match with your region
  3. Using HEX editor open IMEI folder, find mps_code, make sure CSC is match with your region
  4. Copy folder efs to sdcard
  5. Using root explorer set the permission from /system/csc/ to r/w
    (another way is using sgtools to make the permission r/w, apply script, mount system as r/w)
  6. Download the CSC file that match with your region and put in /system/csc/
  7. Type *#272*IMEI# and select your region, the device will wipe and reboot.
  8. Reinstall root explorer, and don`t forget to mount as r/w
  9. Delete all files in /efs
  10. Copy files inside efs in SDcard (step 4) to folder /efs
  11. Reboot the device

now your IMEI and product code is restore

Do With Your Own Risk

Find your region and download the file pack.

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