Restore Original Recovery in LG Optimus L3


  • Download Adb standalone for windows
  • Download Original recovery for LG Optimus L3

Restore Original Recovery LG L3

  1. Go to settings > application > development
  2. Check USB debugging
  3. Connect device to PC/laptop using USB cable
  4. Go to Original recovery extract folder
  5. Run “CWM-installer.bat
  6. To process start, Press any key
  7. Wait until process done and device reboot.
  8. Done

Troubleshoting: stuck in CWM recovery

In some case CWM recovery that installed got bootloop. In this case, device cannot boot in normal mode and restore like steps above. Try this:

  1. turn off LG L3
  2. Connect to Pc / Laptop
  3. Open windows commend prompt (start > run, type ‘cmd’)
  4. Change workpath

    cd c:\adb

    the path can be change depend where your adb locate

  5. Type

    adb reboot-bootloader
    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    fastboot reboot

  6. done

note: place recovery.img in same folder with adb

Do with your own risk

Download support files

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