Root Acer Acronia Tab without downgrade ROM


  • Download and install ES File Explorer
  • Download and install Android Terminal Emulator
  • Download and install Root Checker Basic
  • Download SU Binary (

How to root acer acronia tab

  1. Copy all files inside
    • If you download SU binary OTA, run ES File Explorer and go to /mnt/sdcard/download then extract to /mnt/sdcard (only file inside extract folder, not
    • if you download SU Binary from PC, just extract in your PC and copy files inside extract folder to /mnt/sdcard

    root acronia tab a101
  2. Run Terminal Emulator then type

    /system/bin/cmdclient ec_micswitch ‘`mount -o remount,rw /system`’
    /system/bin/cmdclient ec_micswitch ‘`cat /mnt/sdcard/su >/system/xbin/su`’
    /system/bin/cmdclient ec_micswitch ‘`chmod 6755 /system/xbin/su`’

    or you can copy paste per lines.

    root acronia tab a101
  3. Acronia should be have a root access by now, you can cek it.
  4. Now you can install application that need root permission, such as SuperUser, Busybox, TitaniumBackup

Download support files

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