Root and unRoot LG Optimus 2x (gingerbread)

How to Root LG Optimus 2x gingerbread

  1. Download o2x-nvflash-recovery-v5.rar and extract to your PC
  2. Turn Off your Device, remove the battery
  3. Press and Hold Volume[+] and volume[-]
  4. Plug in the USB to PC (still hold and press)
  5. After your device detected, release the volumes
  6. Run flash-recovery.bat In o2x-nvflash-recovery-v5 extract folder.
  7. There a two choice, where would be the cwm file will be put in (internal or external, recommended external). Give your choice number.
  8. Now wait, the lg Optimus 2x will be in download mode, wait until the progress is done and unplug the usb.
  9. Run cwm with press and hold volume[-] and power until it loop twice.
  10. Open cwm install zip file at your SDcard
  11. if install root after flashing is done, reboot twice and check for the icon superuser. if you can find it, so root is success.

How to unRoot LG Optimus 2x gingerbread

To unRoot the LG Optimus 2x you can do easily with only install unroot zip file.

Download Support File

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