Root and Unroot Meizu M9 (ICS Beta)


Root and Unroot Meizu M9

  1. Go to Application > Settings > Development
  2. Check USB Debugging
  3. Connect Device to PC/laptop, if your device is undetect then make sure that driver is already installed properly.
  4. Open TPSparkyRoot extract folder
  5. Device will reboot, wait until it`s done then pres Enter
  6. The device will reboot for second time, same as step above .. wait until it`s done then press Enter
  7. Do same like step above for third reboot
  8. Make sure after all steps above you got a messege “You should now be Rooted”
  9. Check in your drawer, SuperUser is already installed it`s mean that your root process is success
  10. Done

Do with your own risk

Download Support file

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