Root LG G2 – all version

root-lg-g2Like other android smartphone, LG G2 can be root to. If this device is your first android, you should read “Advantage for root Android” before read next paragraph. But we warn you that it`s always have a risk.

Generally LG G2 have 2 version that available in market, let`s say an international version and Korean version.  Even they look like a same device but they have different ways to root.

General Preparation

Make sure that “USB Debugging” is active (checked)
At default this feature are hidden, to unhide this option all you have to do is tap on build number for 7 times.
(settings >general > about phone > software information) 

Do not worry to over tap it, an alert message  “no Need, you are already a developer” will appear if you over tapping.
An option “USB Debugging” will appear
(Settings > General Options)

Root Steps for LG G2 International

This method can be use for

  • AT&T G2 (D800) – D80010d
  • Verizon G2 (VS980) – VS98010B (Shipping ROM)
  • Verizon G2 (VS980) – VS98011A (OTA)
  • T-Mobile G2 (Shipping ROM)
  • KT F320k (Shipping ROM)
  • Rogers D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Bell D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • Telus D803 (Shipping ROM)
  • OPEN D802 (Shipping ROM)

Root Preparation

  1. Download and extract IOroot
  2. Set USB mode to Charging only(this may vary based on model).
    Verizon users need to set USB connection to “Ethernet” mode.
    Confirm device is detected in ADB using “adb devices” command. Be sure to accept the RSA prompt on your phone.. and check the “always” box as well.
  3. Confirm device is detected in ADB using “adb devices” command.
  4. make sure ADB has the proper permission and that the ADB RSA prompt isn’t sitting on the YES/NO screen. Check the “always remember” box when you accept it!!!

Begin to Root LG G2

Windows: Download and install proper ADB driver. Double-click on root.bat
Linux: cd into IOroot folder -> chmod +x -> ./
Mac: cd into /IOroot/mac folder -> chmod +x -> ./

Run script and follow the onscreen instructions.
If the script is stick at “waiting for device”.. turn your phone screen on and unlock it..

Open terminal/command prompt.

windows/linux users: cd into /ioroot folder.
(windows users can hold shift key, right click in ioroot folder. Select “open commandwindow” option.
mac users cd into /ioroot/mac

copy/paste commands below hitting enter/return after each line.

Linux/Mac users may have to enter ./ before adb on each line.
Example: ./adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security

adb devices

make sure it sees your device; if “offline” turn on phone/unlock and accept RSA key prompt

Choose next line based on model and firmware version

AT&T D80010d (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
AT&T D80010o (OTA): adb push ytiruces_1a_att /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
Bell D803 (Shipping ROM): adb push ytiruces_1a_d803 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
KT F320k (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
KT F320K20a/20f (KitKat): adb push ytiruces_1a_kk /mnt/shell/emulated/0/ytiruces_1a
LGU F320L (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
LGU F320L20b/20e (KitKat): adb push ytiruces_1a_kk /mnt/shell/emulated/0/ytiruces_1a
D802 (4.2.2): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
D805 (4.2.2): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
D806 (4.2.2): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
OPEN D802 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
Rogers D803 (Shipping ROM): adb push ytiruces_1a_d803 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
SCA D802 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
SCA D805 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
Singtel D802 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
SKT F320S (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
SKT F320S20a/20g (KitKat): adb push ytiruces_1a_kk /mnt/shell/emulated/0/ytiruces_1a
Sprint LS980ZV7 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security_spr /sdcard/g2_security
Sprint LS980ZV8 (OTA): adb push g2_security_spr /sdcard/g2_security
Sprint LS980ZVA (OTA): adb push ytiruces_1a_ls980 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
T-Mobile D80110c (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
T-Mobile D80110g (OTA): adb push ytiruces_1a_tmo /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
Telus D803 (Shipping ROM): adb push ytiruces_1a_d803 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
Verizon VS98010B (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security_vzw /sdcard/g2_security
Verizon VS98011A/12B (OTA): adb push ytiruces_1a_vzw /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
Videotron D801 (4.2.2): adb push ytiruces_1a_d803 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
Vodafone D802 (Shipping ROM): adb push g2_security /sdcard/g2_security
Wind D801 (4.2.2): adb push ytiruces_1a_d803 /sdcard/ytiruces_1a

F340-Series (4.2.2): adb push ytiruces_1a_F340JB /sdcard/ytiruces_1a
D958-Series (4.2.2): adb push ytiruces_1a_kk /sdcard/ytiruces_1a

This next depends on your computer/phone model…

USB Connection Mode needs to be toggled.
Ways to do this are listed below…

a. Unplug usb cable from phone then re-plug.
b. Toggle USB mode from Charge to MTP back to Charge
c. Toggle USB mode from Ethernet to MTP back to Ethernet

adb shell

you should now see a # instead of a $. # = root

type each line

adb shell “mount -o remount,rw /system”
adb push su /system/xbin/su
adb push su /system/xbin/daemonsu
adb push /system/etc/
adb shell “chown 0.0 /system/xbin/su;chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su”
adb shell “chown 0.0 /system/xbin/daemonsu;chmod 06755 /system/xbin/daemonsu”
adb shell “chown 0.2000 /system/etc/;chmod 755

adb shell “sync;mount -o remount,ro /system”
adb install Superuser.apk

Reboot the device, for make sure that LG G2 had root you can use rootchecker

Do With Your own Risk!

Root Steps for LG G2 Korean

This root method for device list below

  • LG G2 FS320S
  • LG G2 K
  • LG G2 L

I just thought that korea version is more easy to root

Preparation before root the device

Make sure “enabled unknown source” is active (checked), this option can be found at Settings >General > Security

Download and install root master (vroot)

Begin to root LG G2 Korean

Connect the device to PC / laptop
Run vtool.exe (or click the shortcut on the desktop), wait until the application loading and ready to receive your device.


After the window image appears, connect LG G2 using USB cable to PC/laptop. And then wait for the Application to recognize your device. If your device is not detected/unknown, there might be a good idea to restart your windows and reconnect your device.

After the Device is detected, press the green button on the bottom right. Wait for about 1~ 2 minutes until the application show like image below.


This indicates that the root you do on LG G2 has been success.


A pop-up “USB Debugging” message will appear in your device, tap “allow” then device will reboot and  a “Super User application” will added.


Do With Your own Risk!

Download Support File

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