Root LG Optimus L7


  • Download Firmware
  • Download KDZ_FW_UPD
  • Download and install LG Optimus L7 Driver
  • Download system.img.ext4

Root LG Optimus L7

  1. In Optimus LG7, Go to Settings > Developers
  2. Check USB debugging
  3. Connect Device to PC/laptop
  4. Back to Windows, Run KDZ_FW_UPD
  5. Find and select firmware that you will use. (*.kdz)
  6. At “type”, select 3GQCT
  7. At “Phone Mode”, select DIAG
  8. Open windows explorer, find and open folder LGMOBILEAX/Phone.
  9. Click “Launch Software update”
  10. a system.img.ext4 file will create in LGMOBILEAX/Phone,(483 mb) then move those file to other place and paste system.img.ext4 that you already download to LGMOBILEAX/Phone
  11. Wait until all process is finish.

Install Busybox

you can use standalone adb shell from your PC or appliaction such as terminal emulator in your LG Optimus L7

adb shell
su root
mount -o remount,rw /system
/system/xbin/busybox –install /system/xbin

Troubleshooting note

Some firmwire will have keyboard error, use apk keyboard to fix this
If you saw “emergency mode” in your display, do not remove device from PC/laptop it makes your device brick, just wait until the device reboot.

Firmware For LG Optimus L7

download firmware here

Do With Your own Risk

Download Support Files

Root LG Optimus L7

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