Root Sony Xperia M (Single / Dual SIM) using Framaroot

Root sony xperia M using framaroot

There is several method that you can choose to root Sony Xperia M. Each method have their own steps, but remember that Xperia M single SIM is different with Xperia M dual SIM. Make sure follow the method that suitable with your device.

What is the different between root locked and unclock bootloader?

In this case, the main different only lock and unlock bootloader. At rooting process for Sony Xperia M that already unlock, using framaroot it`s enough to get full access into your andoid system. But in lock condition, after root we must execute the rootfixer, without doing this step your device will reboot every time we make changes or modify the system.


  • Download Framaroot
  • Download and install Busybox Pro
  • Download Root Fixer
  • Installed ADB Driver, you can check from windows control panel > device manager, find Sony so0104 ADB driver
  • Check USB debugging , settings > Developer options > USB Debugging

Rooting Sony Xperia M Single SIM Using Framaroot

For Lock Bootloader and Unlock Bootloader Sony Xperia M

  1. Copy framaroot.apk and busybox.apk to your device
  2. Install framaroot
  3. Select SuperSu
  4. Click Gandalf, to start root process
  5. Wait and your device will reboot
  6. After it boot, check in your drawer for SuperSU application. If you can not find those application than you need to repeat from first step.
  7. Install busybox
  8. At first it will ask you for backup and etc, just answer NO, to keep your internal storage free
  9. Select 1.21.1 version then click install
  10. Select Normal then click install
  11. Wait for sucess notification, then close busybox application

Additional step for Lock Bootloader

  1. Connect your device to PC/Laptop, then go to RootFixer extract folder
  2. Run superSU.bat, follow all instructions
  3. your device will reboot
  4. After dialog command close, remove your Sony Xperia M from PC/Laptop
  5. Done


  • when install busybox, in same case it became stuck at loading. Just restart your device then redo install busybox
  • For testing RootFixer, open RootExplorer then go to /system/app, try to change mount r/w, if your device is not reboot then it success, if your device restart than you need to redo RootFixer step

Rooting Sony Xperia M dual SIM

Root Sony xperia M dual SIM almost same with root single SIM, but it`s look like Rootfixer cannot make a full root in this device. So we use remountrebootfix-windows to replace RootFixer.

Root Xperia M dual SIM

  1. You need half root device, that mean framaroot and busybox is already install in your device (look at step above).
  2. Install remountrebootfix-windows
  3. Connect Xperia M to PC/laptop
  4. Run remountrebootfix-windows
  5. Select option like in framaroot, if you select SuperSU in framaroot than select the same one in this step.
  6. When it`s ask for root access, then grant it.
  7. Wait until your device reboot and done

Do With Your Own Risk

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