Rooting Acer Iconia tab A101


  • Download, ADB and Superuser is already included
  • Download and extract ROM A100, find the oldest one.
  • Download and extract ROM A101

Rooting Acer Iconia tab

For get the rooting access from Acer iconia tab A101, we must downgrade to ROM A101 and insert local.prob and ADB then Upgrade to ROM A101.

Downgrade to A100

  1. In Iconia tab, go to Setting > Application > Development
  2. Make sure that USB Debeugging is already check
  3. Connect Iconia Tab 101 to PC using USB cable
  4. Copy that you find inside ROM A100 extract folder to external SDcard root
  5. Turn off Iconia Tab A101 (still connect with pc)
  6. Press and Hold Volume[+] + Power buttons until text recovery show up, and automatically install file from step above.
  7. Wait until the device reboot.
  8. now your aconia tab is become A100

Upgrade to A101

  1. Extract to folder
  2. Open the folder, inside do Shift+right Click to open the command windows
  3. After a command windows is open, type

    adb devices

    your device will show at here

    adb shell
    /system/bin/cmdclient ec_micswitch ‘`echo ‘ro.kernel.qemu=1′ > /data/local.prop`’

  4. Copy file from ROM A101 extract folder to SDcard rott
  5. Turn off the Acer Iconia Tab(still connect with pc)
  6. Press and Hold Volume[+] + Power buttons until text recovery is show up and automatically flashing using (from step above)
  7. After the proccess, the device will reboot
  8. Now Iconia Tab bact to A101

Rooting Acer Iconia Tab A101

  1. Go to A10x_rooting extract folder and do shift+right click to open the command window
  2. After the command window open, type

    adb remount
    adb push su /system/xbin/
    adb shell “chmod 06755 /system/xbin/su”
    adb shell “echo ‘#’ >/data/local.prop”

  3. close the command window
  4. Open Android market and download Busybox, Superuser and Titanium BackUp (optional)
  5. Make sure you don`t run the application above before reboot your device
  6. After Reboot, run SuperUser, back and run Busybox.
    in this step if SuperUser asking Access Root permission that mean your device rooting is success

note: when Install BusyBox you will meet with a notification that say “SU binary outdated”, leave it until the BusyBox installation done. SU Binary can be update after the installation finish.

Do With your Own risk

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