Rooting Asus eee Pad Transformer


  • Download and install Asus Drivers
  • Download and extract tf_rootkit_31 (transformer root)

Root Asus eee pad Transformer

  1. Connect Asus eee pad transformer to PC/Laptop
  2. Open command Prompt ( start > run, type cmd), leave the prompt windows open, continue to next step
  3. Go to tf_rootkit_31 extract folder
  4. Go to roo_app folder, you`ll find adb.exe
  5. Drag adb.exe to command prompt windows, or you can do manually by using command prompt
  6. In command prompt, type

    adb device

    if your device is not detected, try reconnect the device.

  7. Turn off the device
  8. Press and hold volume[+] + Power buttons until it`s boot in apx mode.
    If this the first time boot in apx mode that connect to PC/Laptop, here what you must todo:

    1. When it automatically install some driver. Cancel!
    2. Go to device manager > other devices
    3. You should see APX (or something similiar) in yellow triangle, right click on it.
    4. Select Update Driver software, follow the steps inside it.
    5. the target you must install NvidiaUsb.inf as driver. NvidiaUsb.inf is located in tf_rootkit_31/usbpcdriver
    6. ignore the unsigned error messege
  9. In tf_rootkit_31 folder, run root.bat. An update messege will appear in your transformer
  10. Optional step, Install ClockWorkMod Recovery, run cwm.bat
  11. Restart the device
  12. Go to menu > settings > application > development
  13. Check USB Debugging (enable)
  14. In tf_rootkit_31 folder, run root_app.bat
  15. Reboot
  16. Done

Note: root_app.bat will install SU and superuser.apk via adb (auto)

Do With Your Own Risk

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