Rooting Huawei Mediapad with Injecting superuser

Rooting Huawei mediapad with injecting su (superuser)binary to system.img.ex4 is the most difficult method. This method only can do in linux.


  • Download and extract Official ROM, you can find it Here or huawei official website
  • Download fastboot tools

Injecting superuser to system.img.ext4

  1. Extract official ROM until you find dload folder
  2. Extract system.img.ext4 from dload/
  3. Copy system.img.ext4 to linux
  4. Mount image

    #mkdir /mnt/tmp
    #mount -o loop system.img.ext4 /mnt/tmp

  5. Then insert superuser binary to /mnt/tmp/xbin

    #cp su /mnt/tmp/xbin

  6. Fix superuser permission binary

    #chmod 6755 /mnt/tmp/xbin/su

  7. unmount image

    #umount /mnt/tmp

Install injected system.img.ext4

  • Method I: ROM Modification

    The easiest method is overwrite system.img.ext4 inside dload/ and re flashing with modified ROM. The disadvantage from this method, the installed aplications will delete / gone.

  • Method II: Using fastboot tools (windows)

    1. place system.img.ext4 in fastboot folder
    2. Turn off Mediapad
    3. Connect to pc/laptop
    4. turn on the device, when it`s vibrate press and hold volume[-] button for 10 sec
    5. wait until it boot in fastboot mode and windows install the drive
    6. Open command prompt (start > run, type cmd)

      fastboot flash system system.img.ext4

    7. wait until flashing process is done

      fastboot reboot

    8. Install Superuser from market
    9. Done

Do with Your own Risk

Download Support Files

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