Rooting Lenovo S560


  • Download and extract binary for root
  • Download Lenovo driver

Root Lenovo

  1. Go to Setting > Aplication >Development
  2. Check USB debugging
  3. Go to binary extract folder
  4. run runme.bat
  5. Connect Lenovo to PC/laptop using USB cable
  6. Wait until windows detect the device
  7. At command prompt windows, type 1(normal)
  8. Click “Restore my data” that appear in Lenovo screen
  9. Wait until process is done (it will reboot three times before finised)
  10. Done.

note :

  • root can do without downgrade firmware, use the lastest firmware also work for it.
  • Usb Driver also can found inside Lenovo S560 (at Usb Driver folder)

Do With Your own Risk

Download support files

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