Rooting LG Optimus Black Gingerbread v20b


  • Install LG Driver
  • Download and extract [PATCHED]LGP970AT-00-V20b-SEA-XXX-JAN-02-2012+0_AP.7z
  • Download and extract SmartFlashTool_External.rar
  • Download

Root LG Optimus Black v20b

    1. Copy to SDcard, do not extract and put in SDcard root
    2. Turn off LG Optimus Black
    3. Press and Hold Volume[+] Button and connect the device to PC/Laptop
    4. LG Optimus black will boot in S/W upgrade mode
    5. Run B_SmartFlashTool_Extern.exe 
      • Select ROM copy D/L bookmark
      • Select CP: [PATCHED]V20B.bin
      • Select AP: V20B.fls
    6. Click start
    7. Wait until the process is done
    8. Optimus black will reboot and boot in recovery mode
    9. Wipe data/factory reset
    10. flash using
    11. Reboot

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

update patch read here

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