Rooting Mediapad using Patch boot.img + root_cf method


  • Download boot.img that suitable with ROM that you want to use.
  • Download custom ROM
  • Download and extract Fastboot tools

Rooting Mediapad using Patch boot.img + root_cf method

method I: ROM modification

ROM modification is the easiest way, overwrite boot.img inside /dload/ and do reflashing ROM that already modificated. The disadvantage from this method is all application that already installed will be delete.

method II: Using Fastboot Tools

  1. place the boot.img to fastboot extract folder
  2. Turn off the mediapad
  3. Connect the mediapad to PC/laptop
  4. Turn on the device
  5. When it vibrate press and hold volume[-] for 10 sec until boot in fastboot mode.
    Windows will automatically download the driver, just wait until its done
  6. Open command prompt (windows: start > Run > type cmd)

    cd c:\fastboot
    fastboot flash boot boot.img

    The path can be change depend where your fastboot extract folder placed.

  7. After flashing process is done, type

    fastboot reboot

  8. Done, now ROM is ready to install with root_cf

Install root_cf/sanixupdate

  1. Download and extract root_cf
  2. Copy and place sanixupdate folder to Internal Memory
  3. reboot

Boot.img and Stock/Custom ROM Huawei Mediapad

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

Rooting Mediapad using Patch boot.img + root_cf method

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