Rooting Motorola Photon


  • Download and extract Photon 4G OCR
  • Download Motorola Photon driver

Rooting Motorola Photon

  1. Connect Photon to PC/laptop via USB cable
  2. Open notification bar and run Menu USB
  3. Change mode to Charge Only, then OK
  4. Remove Photon from PC/laptop
  5. Go to Photon 4G OCR extract folder
  6. Run root.bat
  7. Connect Photon to PC/Laptop (again)
  8. Follow the instructions from root.bat
  9. Wait until the process is done, the device will reboot several times
  10. When the confirmation “Your phone should have been rooted” come up, mean your rooting is success
  11. done

note: Make sure that the battery is full before rooting the device to avoid soft brick

Download With Your Own Risk

Download Support files

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