Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (sprint) CDMA

Rooting samsung galaxy tab 7 (sprint) SPH-P100 is different from Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 (Gingerbread). Galaxy Tab SPH-100 using CDMA as their main connection, so when you do a normal way your galaxy tab 7 will brick.


  • Odin3 downloader tool, you need this for ROM flashing
  • download P100_EF17_STOCK_ROOTED, rooted custom ROM for Galaxy Tab SPH-100

Rooting Samsung Galaxy Tab SPH-P100

  1. Run Odin3 downloader tool (PC/laptop)
  2. Turn off you Galaxy Tab
  3. Press and hold Power + Volume[-] buttons until its boot in download mode.
  4. Connect the device to PC/Laptop
  5. Wait until Odin3 detect the device
  6. Click PDA
  7. Find and select Quens_P100_EF17_Rooted_PDA.tar
  8. Uncheck re-partition (disable), important!!
  9. Click start button
  10. Wait until odin3 flashing process is done
  11. When it` success, Process meter will green.
  12. Remove Galaxy Tab from PC/laptop
  13. Reboot
  14. Done

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

note : use google translator to read the web.

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