Rooting Sony Xperia P without Unlock Bootloader


  • Download and extract Rooting toolkit
  • Download Flashtool
  • Installed .net Framework 3.5 or Later
  • Installed ADB driver
  • Xperia P still using gingerbread stock ROM

Root Xperia P without unlock bootloader

  1. Go to Settings > Application
  2. Check Unknow Sources
  3. Go to Settings > Application > Developer
  4. Check USB Debugging
  5. Check Stay Awake
  6. Go to Settings > Display
  7. set screen timeout to 30 minutes
  8. go to ‘Rooting toolkit’ extract folder
  9. Run Step 1.bat
  10. Install without “wipe data”
  11. Run Step 2.bat
  12. Done


  • all installation will fail if your screen goes off when the process still running
  • make sure to check USB debugging, stay awake and time out each time before run step x.bat

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support files

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