Rooting Sony Xperia P


Root Xperia P

  1. Copy file P-DooMLoRD-AdvStkKernel-v02.elf to android-sdk\platform-tools
  2. Turn off Xperia P and make sure that it`s not connect to PC/laptop
  3. Press and hold Volume[+] button and connect device to PC/laptop
  4. in Windows, Run command prompt (run, type cmd)
  5. Change the workpath to android-sdk

    cd c:\android-sdk\platform-tools

  6. Type

    fastboot flash P-DooMLoRD-AdvStkKernel-v02.elf

  7. Wait until the process done
  8. Turn on the device, for first boot will took more time.
  9. Done

Do With Your Own Risk

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Rooting Sony Xperia P

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