Rooting ZTE Light Plus using Windows 7


  • Download and extract, rename extract folder with simple folder name (ex: root)
  • Internet Connection

Rooting ZTE Light Plus

  1. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications
  2. Check Unknow Source (enable)
  3. Go to Menu > Settings > Applications > Development
  4. Check Usb Debugging
  5. Connect ZTE Light Plus to PC/laptop, let the windows search the driver. Wait until it`s done
  6. At windows go to Start > Device and Printer
  7. Right Click ZTE HSUSB Device > Eject > CD Drive USB Driver
  8. After eject the tablet, automatically windows will search new driver. Windows will download a new driver from internet, so make sure that your internet connection is active.
  9. When it success, you`ll find ZTE Composite ADB Interface in your device manager windows
  10. At windows, start > run type cmd
  11. In command prompt type

    cd c:\root
    .\files\adb devices

    the target folder can be different

  12. if you see “V9PLUS_GENERIC device“, mean the tablet is detected.
  13. in command prompt type


  14. Wait until the Rooting process is complete.
  15. reboot and done


  • busybox and superuser is alrady included
  • When you failed at step 9 try to restart PC/Laptop and the table, then re do start from step 4
  • when solution above is failed, try in another PC/Laptop

Do With Your Own Risk

Download Support Files

DooMLoRD_v4_for_ZTE_Light_Plus is modification from the previous version, replace the newest zergRush version from developer. Default zergRush is failed to rooting the ZTE Light Plus

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