Samsung EPIC 4G

samsung epic 4g

Samsung EPIC 4G Screen

It is the excess which is actually from “AMOLED BLACK real experience”, free bleeding. Black real effect of this can only be met in kind AMOLED screen

When displaying the black color, AMOLED will completely turn off pixels and do not use power. This makes the Samsung Epic 4G battery much longer .

At the time of revealing bright colors, this type of screen consumes a lot of power. So try to use the wallpaper and themes that are dominated by dark colors

Another advantage is eye poping and saturate color, plus the perfect viewing angle without color shift.

5 Point Multi Touch Screen

You can put all the fingers on your hand, and all the touches will be registered ..

With the “5-point multi-touch”, you can use different button combo when playing games especially Emulator PS1. and add “button like” feel while playing the game with an on screen pad. It is initially impossible to do on other android handsets are generally only 2-point touch input or only a single input.

Also you can play games that support multi-player which was originally only for tablets. such as fruit ninja GuerrilaBOB THD and THD, where you be able to play in multiplayer mode on the same screen and touch you stay registered.

Super AMOLED technology it`s makes possible Digitizer or TouchSensor made SAMOLED blend with the layer so that the digitizer does not interfere with the brightness of the screen, also can be made thinner.


Media Player

Starting able to play the video formats of 3gp, MP4, DivX, Xvid, MKV to 1280×720 resolution / HD720p complete with subtitles.
Not supported format ? try to use rockplayer, hummingbirds CPU can still run it the video in software mode decoding fluently.

DLNA Support

with this you can play all the media that there are d EPIC, the player who kya PC DLNA support, XBOX/PS3, TV etc. …. without cables …. via WIFI / Network

If you want to play MP3 in EPIC, wants to keep her straight into the HIFI or a better PC speakers. you can just go to the menu AllShare / DLNA and select source and target and the sound track in the play who d EPIC will appear in the Speaker HIFI / PC

Same if you want to play a video or photo record results Samsung epic 4g d, d PC can be played back without having to touch the PC / DLNA devices. all with full control on samsung epic 4G

Instead .. by selecting the source media on other DLNA devices, eg PC, you can browse all the VIDEO you have in your PC library / DLNA and then select the play d PC or in our EPIC …. consequently we can watch a collection of movies on our PC without the need to bother to copy it to SD EPIC … all takes place instantly.

Samsung EPIC 4G Disadvantage

  • Small Internal Memory
    EPIC is only given a 512MB internal memory + microSD, compared with Sodara GSMnya, which at least 2 & 4gb microSD up to 16GB +.
  • No TVout
    Samsung EPIC 4G no TV out different from other GSM SGS

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