Samsung Epic Custom ROM – Elegant Steel Epic Port

About this custom ROM

This is a port of the very popular “Elegant Steel” theme originally created by Jedipottsy. This custom ROM have taken from multiple different incarnations of this theme, but mostly from the i9000 port.
Elegan Steel Epic Port have been theme for Complete status bar with new 3G icon, replaced with vibrate for now(on proggress), Changed clock and status bar text color and
Themed settings.apk with custom power controls widget

Change Log

  • version 0.1
    • Original Release
  • version 0.2
    • Fixed status bar pulldown notifications from not showing
    • Removed dark box behind the date (no idea what that was about)
    • Themed a bunch more apps!
  • version 0.2.1
    • Themed landscape lockscreen
    • Samsung Epic Custom ROM – Elegant Steel Epic Port

    • Added my new 4G icon to the pulldown
  • version 1.0
    Updated to work on EB13 (SyndicateROM Frozen)
  • version 1.0.2
    • Finished themeing twframework-res
    • Fixed Settings.apk with custom Power Controls widget
    • Fixed font color in the status bar (date etc.)


Download Support File

Download Samsung epic custom ROM - Elegant Steel Epic Port - v1.0.2 (378 downloads)

The source is here

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